Exercising Presidential Dog Services in D.C.

At FDOTUS, we believe that all dogs are created equal and are endowed by their Founding Canine Creators with certain uncanineable rights to LOVE, walks, treats, and happiness.


a dog’s uncanineable rights

Our services are based on the understanding that we, human beings, are blessed with the companionship and love of our canine family members. At FDOTUS, we believe every dog deserves presidential treatment, the kind which is usually reserved only for the First Dog of the United States. In our world, every dog is an FDOTUS, one who deserves respect, dignity, love, and utmost attention.

FDOTUS abides by the Canine Bill of Rights to establish our values, principles, and commitment to the well-being of the canine world:

right to love

Dogs and humans are inextricably linked through a bond of love. We are mindful of this connection and strive to develop its potential through our services. Call us silly, but staring into your FDOTUS’s eyes or helping align their Chakras through massage is of utmost importance to us.

right to roam & Sniff

We are mindful of a dog’s ability to remember all smells and paths taken. Repetitive terrains, while fun, should never be tolerated by your dog. An FDOTUS deserves to smell the fresh air in Rock Creek, or take an unexpected twist through stinky alleys in the neighborhood. Above all, we promise to deliver a fresh set of smells and experiences to your FDOTUS with every service.

right to treats

The greatest joy of being a dog parent is seeing the sweet eyes of my dog zoomed in on the prospect of a treat. Not only will we make your dog happy during the walk with multiple treats, but we will also focus on your FDOTUS’s health by providing complimentary organic, grain-free, and natural treats.

I have been using FDOTUS before it was FDOTUS. Adrian has a magic touch with dogs and is reliable and professional. We would not entrust our dogs to any other person.
— Andrew | Kalorama, Washington, D.C.